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Forbidden Games
January 19, 2009, 6:34 pm
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Forbidden Games   Directed by Rene Clement   France 1952

     Forbidden Games is a clear statement of how war affects every day citizens who are not battling on the front lines. The film focuses on how war effects children most of all.  When Paulette is orphaned due to a Nazi air attack, she is befriended by a young peasant boy while walking around alone carrying her dead dog. Immediately the young Michel befriends Paulette and asks his parents to take her in.  The boy is perhaps eleven years of age but shows great maturity in recognizing the young girls aloneness. The family takes pity on her and accepts her into their home. jeux

The young children in this film are truly amazing. Their performances are beautifully natural. For individuals so young, they were able to capture they feeling unique innocence and drama.  Together the two children escape into a fantasy world all the while being surrounded by violence. 

     My favorite scene in the film is when the children bury Paulette’s dog.  It is so touching as she says a prayer for him and covers him up with dirt.  For someone so young she has lost so much and is still a carefree spirit. They take time to bury graves for everything, they have a huge sense of respect for the dead, the perceive burying as a sort of game, a way to pass the time. 

     The end sequence when Paulette is taken away is one of the most melancholy scenes in the film. It is also one of the most powerful anti-war statements I have seen.  Slowly the camera cranes up to reveal hundreds of orphanages people.  Poor Paulette is running thru the area trying to find Michel.  It is touching and tragic.