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City of God
February 22, 2009, 8:40 pm
Filed under: DVD review

cityofgod460This is one of my favorite films of all time. That’s a bold thing to state but it really is. I love everything about this film, the direction, the cinematography, the acting and above all the unique and hypnotic story all captivate me. I own this film and probably have watched it fifteen times. Every time I find something more I love about it, and am emotionally entwined every viewing. I think it says a lot about a film if it is able to keep your attention after numerous viewings. I find this story so incredibly haunting. It is so hard to witness pure evil in children so young. I can find sympathy with even the darkest characters in this film because of the surrounding they have grown up in, however, I cannot find means to justify what they do. Rio de Janeiro is possibly one of the most dangerous places in South America. Kidnappings and murder are common sport in this region of Brazil. The poor live side by side with the extremely wealthy. City of God focuses on a young group of Brazilian adolesantes living poverty stricken life of crime. They are children about all. Instead of playing with Wii’s and Playstation 3’s like normal children, they are killing and selling drugs. The two characters who are most focused upon are Rocket an aspiring photographer who wants nothing more than to escape and Li’l Ze the raining drug lord residing in their town. Rockets only way to escape is thru the photographs he takes. War rages on every day of his life and he documents and narrates this through the fantastical pictures. Li’l Ze is pure evil. He has no compassion and seems to never have had any. He kills from a very young age and rises thru the ranks very fast. Although the film is set in the early 80’s Rio de Janeiro is still very similar today. A film like this really lets the world know how complex humanity can be. For someone who is a pacifist and lives a middle class life, it is wickedly surreal to imagine a life living in such poverty were I have to fear for my life. I imagine you would feel suffocated, having to either give in to your futile existence and become a drug dealer, or give up and possibly die.


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